Thursday, December 5, 2013

3 New Paper Packs

Have I mentioned that I LOVE designing new scrapbook pages?

 Woodland Friends Textured Papers Instant Download in my Etsy Shop

The critters in this Forrest Friends paper pack have been digitally water-colored!  New technique I just learned today!  I LOVE the way it looks.  Once I decide on a color palette I have some more ADORABLE Christmas Pages coming.  I am also trying to decide on the next boyish paper. I am going to make some BYU paper to scrap photos of Brian taking the boys to the game, but those are strictly for my own personal use.

All of the pages in this post are designed using adorable animals designed by KPM Doodles copywrite 2010

 Frozen Textured Papers Instant Download! Snow, Penguin, Purple, Blue, Cream, Gray, Black, Lavender

 Woodland Friends Textured Papers Instant Download Available in my Etsy Shop

BY FAR My most favorite papers I have ever seen, and I am not just saying that because I did it.
I love the contrasting colors.  I am not going to lie-if I had a daughter, I would use Spoonflower and print my own fabric to make bedding, wouldn't this make the perfect quilt?  Who knows, I have a niece, maybe someday I will be a little less lazy and make a quilt for her using these patterns.

And here is an instant quick-page that I made using the papers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Newest Obsession!

I LOVE to scrapbook.  I always have.  But just as much as I LOVE to scrapbook, I HATE to scrapbook.  I love it so much that I even signed up to be a CTMH consultant (Twice)  Here is how my adventure would start:  I would find some pictures that I wanted to scrap, then I would check my stash of paper and I would NEVER have the right paper, so I would either drive 40 minutes round trip to the nearest craft store where their selection was, well....not quite what I needed.  So I would search my CTMH online and find what I thought would work.  But here is my problem:  I have to have everything before I get started.  You know what I mean, the paper, the ribbon, the buttons, the flowers...EVERYTHING before I even get started so for a two page layout it would end up around $50. I would use a few papers and then everything would go into my stash to never be used again.  Once I finally ordered everything and had it all, I would sit in the middle of the floor and lay everything out to the point where you couldn't see any flooring at all.  Just wall to wall scraps!  Then, without fail, no matter how many locks I used on the door, one of my adorable baby boys would manage to sweet talk his way in and he ends up walking all over everything.  Then I am so irritated I have to put everything away because my OCD on having everything perfect took up way too much time.  So basically, I quit.

Then, about 5ish years ago, I discovered digital scrapbooking.  In a way that looked like it was actually pieced together by hand.  Personally, I can't stand the graphics that look like computer graphics.  I want everything to be textured and have shadows, and to only have embellishments that you would actually have on a pieced page.  I found the Shabby Princess  and it solved all of my concerns about digiscrapping. Eventually I went to The Shabby Shoppe and I am the proud of owner of pretty much every single item in their store.  I love it!  I looked forward to new releases and the free templates every month.  I even applied to be a designer.  Shortly after, they announced that they would be closing shop so to speak.  I was bummed.  But it lead me to designing my own.  Here are my biggest issues as a scrapper:  I have all boys.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find boy themed kits that meet my criteria?  Practically impossible!  I like to make pretty things too, but as I have been going through my old photo dvd's, I have decided to scrap them one at a time, making my own kits to go along with them as I need to.

This kit is all based off the onsie that Kellan is wearing in these pictures.  I am hoping to get more of my kits and designs out there, so as I currently have a whopping 6 followers, hopefully I will get more.  I will figure out how to give away files on here as well. You know, the fun freebies like extra elements, pages, layouts or maybe even a quickpage or two!  I am excited about the possibilities!  I have a fantastic Etsy Shop

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am good at a lot of things, but you can only be great if you finish what you start.

Yesterday I finished my photo wall above the stairs and last month I stained the floors. I put tape town to protect the floors so I could paint the baseboards, and when I pulled up the tape, some of the finish came with it so I have to finish that, but other than those things, I think I am ok... Only time will tell.

I have some free time this week so here are my hopes and dreams:
     Tuesday:  Finish the banister (that happens after kids are in bed)
                    Nails-just cause I want to. :)
                    Clean my bedroom & bathroom
                    Office-get it cleaned up and ready for company coming Friday
                    Artwork-because apparently I have a job. :)
                    Office work-shuffle papers. :)
                    Shampoo Bedroom carpets downstairs
     Wednesday:  Half Bath & Laundry Room
     Thursday:  Move boys' beds back

Whatever I don't have done one day will just move down the line to the next day until I am done.  Right now I am wanting to just cuddle up in bed and read a good book-it is cloudy and raining outside & feels more like fall than summer.  We'll see how this works. :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

94 Days and Counting

I have had a lot of ups and downs with my weight. I think that is called "being a woman".  Last year I lost 40 pounds.  I was eating well and exercising.  I was so happy.  Then I found out my parents (mom and step-dad) were getting a divorce and it all came back.  All the emotions I experienced  as a 4 year old come flooding back.  All the pain from when my parents divorced when I was four years old-and I did my best to stuff them down with food.

Now I am right back where I started.  My baby sister is getting married in Hawaii in August and my kids get out of school on Friday.  My hope is that with everyone home, I can have them watch Kellan and I can spend some quality time at the gym in Zumba classes!  And I'll get back to eating healthy.

My biggest hope is that I can get motivated enough to get back to doing what I was doing and get back at least to where I was in these pictures in time for Sam's wedding.  I want to be able to spend the day on the back and not feel anxiety about the way I look.  I have done it before & now I know that I can't ever go back to my old habits, I have to always be on my guard.

I lost on average 1.8 pounds a week, so if all goes well I will be down 25 pounds by Hawaii.  But hopefully I can get more exercise than I did last time (it wouldn't be that hard) and double that number.  We will see.  I am less focused on the number of pounds and more focused on the way I feel.  I was a size 12 and SO happy and confident.  The last three days I have eaten and eaten and eaten.  I don't really know why, I just have.  Tomorrow I am back on my schedule. :)  My biggest hope is that I can focus on keeping my blog updated and then I will be able to hold myself accountable. :)

Radio Star!

I have been dealing with "house drama" since I can remember.  My entryway has been a million different colors.  I am addicted to pinterest and I started looking through all of my favorite boards and realized a common theme- light neutrals.  So on a whim I decided to commit, paint, and move on.  I found a paint color that I LOVE it is called Whispering Wind from Olympic, and I decided to just go for it.

My floors were in VERY poor shape when we moved in 3 years ago and I FINALLY decided last month that I had had enough!  It took a lot longer than anticipated. (Perhaps I'll share the story later) but the floors are now dark & fabulous and I am ready to finally get my house the way I want it which is great because I have about seventy picture frames that I am about to either hang or donate and that makes me happy!

So while Brian was out of town on business I went to my local favorite thrift store- Deseret Industries (the DI) hoping to find an entry table that is taller than the one I had a cute table would be even better than just taller.  I ended up being a few minutes early and waited in line with all the other deal-searchers and I just had to wonder how many of those people will soon be featured on an episode of Hoarders.  Everyone ran as fast as they could to the section they wanted and I sheepishly walked to the furniture, embarrassed to even be there at opening, but I quickly saw there wasn't anything that I was looking for and then I saw this beauty:

After removing the horrible fabric from the back and the stereo components, I added a piece on the bottom so I could use the bottom shelf and I also added a back.  My plan was to remove the radio and just have two different baskets in the top that would be behind the doors, but after taking the radio out and staining the top, I didn't have the heart to leave the radio out and when I was done painting and staining I put the radio back.  Now-it is perfect!  Hopefully in a few days I can update with more pictures including some through the last three years of everything this entryway has been, it finally looks like it is on purpose!

 I have a  wall over my stairs that has been repaired and painted and now I have about 20 pictures to hang over it, a countertop to paint (because I am cheap smart like that and a ton more to do.  We'll start with this for now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ok, I need something happy.

Yep.  These will work!

Reflections... Collin Worland

The whole point of this blog is to talk about happy things.  But right now I am anything but.  It is weird how something can just hit you upside the head.

Today, a 13 year old boy was hit on his way to school and killed.  I heard about it through out the day, but I have been sick in bed for the last few days and I wasn't really paying much attention.  Tonight, during the 10 o'clock news I was watching.  They interviewed the mom & I looked up.  She looked SO familiar!  She looked like someone I went to highschool with.  I knew her name, I knew it HAD to be her.  The news didn't show her name so I used my DVR & hit rewind, fast forward... you guessed it.  There she was, talking about the son she lost just hours earlier.

Rewind 13 years.  It was Sunday, Brian and I were in The Dixie College married ward, and I was watching her and her new baby.  I am pretty sure there were more babies than just Collin.  But he is honestly the only one I can remember.  He was a boy.  I was having a boy.  I was in awe of him.  And her.  I couldn't believe that someone that close to my age could already be a mom, and here I was.  Almost there.  She was wonderwoman.  If my memory serves me correctly, she had him at home on purpose with just a midwife.  It seemed like she could do anything!  I was all about nursing my baby, I hadn't ever seen anyone do it.  I don't think our chapel had a mother's lounge.  (We moved to a family ward a month before Christian was born)  if it did, she didn't use it.  She would quietly nurse her baby in sacrament meeting.  She was always covered, always discreet.  Everytime someone gets up to leave to nurse their baby, I always think of her.  She made it motherly and natural, not disgusting or odd.

Now, here in the present... my son is in bed.  And hers is gone.  And all I can think about is how lucky I am and how sad I am for her.  I think of all the drama that comes with being a mom of a teenager with moodswings and hormones (it isn't just the girls) and I just want to hold him.  I tried to hug him today.  He pulled away.  So I tried to hug him again.  He pulled away.  FINE.  So I decided that he was going to let me hold him.  And I told him so.  And he did.  He pretended to hate it, but I know in my Mommy Heart that he was glad he let me. 

A fund has been set up to help with funeral expenses.  I have a whopping 8 followers (I know, I am practically famous!) But please look into your heart and give what you can for Collin's Family.  Be thankful for your children and your other loved ones.  Don't take a single day for granted.  I love my family.  I love my friends, I love all 8 of my follwers (I'm not even sure I know who they all are)