Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Shabby Shoppe Template Challenge Seven

I LOVE!  It has the BEST digital scrapbooking products EVER!  Digital scrapbooking has been around for a VERY LONG TIME, but I couldn't ever get into it.  It looked SO CHEESY!  It wasn't until I stumbled upon the Shabby Princess that I realized that you can digiscrap and it doesn't look digital.  Everything about the Shabby Shoppe just screams "BUY ME!  YOU'LL LOVE ME!"

Trust me.   I have purchased MANY digiscrapping kits (and have found free ones) and almost all of my pages are exclusively from the Shabby Shoppe or from their free site the


I have spent a lot of time (and even more money) on traditional paper scrapping and it is just so expensive and by the time I find everything I want/need, I have everything spread out on the floor and then the baby is up from his nap and I've lost my opportunity.  With digiscraping, it's all on my computer.  I don't have clean-up, it's easily accessable and I can edit EVERYTHING!  But even with all of that, the best part is, I DON"T HAVE TO BUY MORE!  And, during the times where the budget doesn't quite go as far as I want it to, I don't have to forgo scrapping, I can still scrap all I want and just wait to have my pages printed!  THEN you have the option to print as many as you want!  If you want 10 pages of the same thing, you design it ONCE and then PRINT IT TEN TIMES!  HOLY MOLY!

So this picture is my entry in the Shabby Shoppe's Template Number 7 Challenge.  The winner gets a $25 gift certificate.  Cross your fingers for me!  I REALLY want to win.

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