Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Radio Star!

I have been dealing with "house drama" since I can remember.  My entryway has been a million different colors.  I am addicted to pinterest and I started looking through all of my favorite boards and realized a common theme- light neutrals.  So on a whim I decided to commit, paint, and move on.  I found a paint color that I LOVE it is called Whispering Wind from Olympic, and I decided to just go for it.

My floors were in VERY poor shape when we moved in 3 years ago and I FINALLY decided last month that I had had enough!  It took a lot longer than anticipated. (Perhaps I'll share the story later) but the floors are now dark & fabulous and I am ready to finally get my house the way I want it which is great because I have about seventy picture frames that I am about to either hang or donate and that makes me happy!

So while Brian was out of town on business I went to my local favorite thrift store- Deseret Industries (the DI) hoping to find an entry table that is taller than the one I had a cute table would be even better than just taller.  I ended up being a few minutes early and waited in line with all the other deal-searchers and I just had to wonder how many of those people will soon be featured on an episode of Hoarders.  Everyone ran as fast as they could to the section they wanted and I sheepishly walked to the furniture, embarrassed to even be there at opening, but I quickly saw there wasn't anything that I was looking for and then I saw this beauty:

After removing the horrible fabric from the back and the stereo components, I added a piece on the bottom so I could use the bottom shelf and I also added a back.  My plan was to remove the radio and just have two different baskets in the top that would be behind the doors, but after taking the radio out and staining the top, I didn't have the heart to leave the radio out and when I was done painting and staining I put the radio back.  Now-it is perfect!  Hopefully in a few days I can update with more pictures including some through the last three years of everything this entryway has been, it finally looks like it is on purpose!

 I have a  wall over my stairs that has been repaired and painted and now I have about 20 pictures to hang over it, a countertop to paint (because I am cheap smart like that and a ton more to do.  We'll start with this for now.


  1. Here from Better After.

    Love this ~ it's beautiful!! :)

  2. Found you from Better After! Would love for you to come share at Give Me The Goods {1 party, 4 blogs!} Dimples & Pig Tales

  3. AMAZING! Love the outside the box thinking. I never would have thought to take off the bottom panel. Great job!

  4. What is the name of the blue you used on your mirror frame and radio cabinet? I love it!